We are an animation studio inspired by nature. Through our creations we aim to serve those who work towards building a regenerative ecosystem. By bringing together color, sound, and feeling we give life to stories that resonate with the sun, the wind, the trees, the rivers, and ultimately, ourselves

We're greenpilling the world!

The Greenpilled book, written by Kevin Owocki, speaks about building systems that create positive externalities all around. Join the regen movement by visiting greenpilled.party and enjoying the animation we coordinated together!

You're welcome to carry these stories with you

These shirts are made of organic cotton, and our goal is to create partnerships through which we can offer ways to consume consciously. A percentage of profits from apparel sales goes to the projects we've served, as well as reforestation projects.

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Green Pill
Regenerate the world

This musical piece, created by Gonzalo Zubillaga & Kairos Music Composition Studio, conveys the urgency we now face in front of potential civilizational coordination failures, but most importantly, a sense of hope, triumph, and possibility born from the discovery of Ethereum.